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Welcome to Royal Indian Cuisine, voted BEST Indian Restaurant in Orlando in Orlando Sentinel Foodie Awards. We are the pioneers of Indian street food in casselberry.
We offer enjoyable, memorable dining experiences - delicious Indian cuisines, exciting interiors & stylish hospitality.
Unusually, we offer genuine Indian food from the true sources – the gourmet homes & street stalls across India’s regions – prepared by skilled chefs from those .

Rich Heritage of Authentic Indian Cuisines

Royal Indian Cuisine captures the rich heritage of authentic Indian cuisines and translates their regality into a mouthwatering household experience. The range spans gastronomic delights of India in its entirety, from the far-flung regions of the north-west frontier to the coastal regions of the south. From exotic vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, to authentic biriyanis and delicious halwas, Royal Indian Cuisine guarantees a complete dining experience.

Why do you have to settle for something less if you can get the best Indian food in Orlando without spending too much? If your concern with your budget but believe you deserve something special, dine at Royal Indian Cuisine now. The restaurant serves all kinds of Indian meals in a very satisfying taste. All the ingredients are original since it’s made by the restaurant’s in-house chef. Here, you will notice the taste of your food to be something different. Yes, different but truly delicious. You may have never tasted something as good as this before. You may be eating a lot of Indian food from the past but it may not be the best yet. Exciting, isn’t it? Well, there’s more if you dine at Royal Indian Cuisine.

Voted as the best Indian Restaurant in Orlando, this restaurant is indeed very promising. If you check online reviews, you will learn that many people from different sides of the world have tried it. Indeed, it’s one of the best things you should go to when in Orlando. Customers are impressed with the food as all is served deliciously. If you are the kind of person who has a very picky taste, this restaurant will never fail you. As a matter of fact, it’s going to meet your satisfaction when it comes to Indian food. There are many other restaurants in Orlando but of course, you want something good, as much as possible, the best among the rest. That’s not impossible. All of your expectations for Indian food will be given at Royal Indian Cuisine.

Royal Indian Food

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